Monday, April 2, 2007

Ruff Animation

I was able to get alot of the ruff keys completed this weekend.

This time I'm posting the middle sized movie this time. I found the larger movie messes with bloggers layout, the larger video still plays fine. I can change it to the larger video if anybody wants.

If anyone wonders why I use Dailymotion rather then YouTube is because Youtube does not like widescreen video.
UPDATE: I'm now going to start using Revver from now on. The reason for this is because they offer a QuickTime option that you can download at a much higher quality then the embedded version.

Heres the latest Animatic. updated

download the QuickTime here.

My process as you can see involves me getting down some really ruff key poses first. I do this in one colour for each character. There are two reasons for this. One is for consistency, and two so if you only see a piece of the character you know who it is, before colour is added. Once I'm happy with the ruff keys I tighten up the poses, getting them on model and try to get the volumes and size relation right. I do this on a new layer over the ruffs. Drawing it in a dark grey colour, then colouring the characters white so they stand out. This way I can see the true motion. I say true motion because characters appear to move faster when its just the outline then they do with colour, because your concentrating on a solid object rather the a thin line.

Again let me know if you want more information then I'm providing here. Or if I'm providing too much.
Please leave a comment let me know what you think.

Up next I hope to have all the keys tightened up over next weekend.
More next week
Stay tuned



Stone said...

Hey man, just found my way here from CHF forum. Nice stuff! I'm gonna take a good long look for sure when i got a lil' more time. Love the style, and excellent choice in animals, platypus and beavers are two of my fav animals. Keep it up, I'll be back to see more for sure!

Jake Macher said...

Thanks for the comment. I'll post more when I have more done.


Piotr said...

wow it looks fantastic Jake! really inspiring! great work all over the place!

Steve said...

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your process. What do you use for final inking? Wacom or Cintiq with flash, illustrator, photoshop or traditional scanning? I hope they've improved the brush in flash CS3. According to Dave Redl from Family Pants, flash 4's brush is superior but I haven't tried it.

Thanks again.

Jake Macher said...

I'm doing all the work in Flash 8 at the moment. I feel that I can work through everything faster then going back and forth with Photoshop and Illustrator.
For clean up I use my Wacom and Flash 8.
I'm temped to go back and use Flash 4 for animation and clean up, then bring it back to Flash 8 to bring it all together.
If I do choose to use Flash 4 I'll be posting it of course.